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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recent realisations

  • Mango isn't my most favourite fruit any more. It's orange.
  • The hoarding count I've seen before this KMC election exceeds any that I've seen before.
  • This is the hottest summer I've spent in Kolkata.
  • I still prefer Asterix to Calvin and Hobbes (comment made after reading Yukon Ho!).
  • It used to take me forty minutes to return home from work on foot ten years back; it takes me anything between forty-five minutes and fifty minutes now. However, I carry a laptop these days.
  • All of a sudden most of the leading cricketers in the world are actually younger than me.
  • The Lava A9 cellphone commercials they showed during the recently concluded world cup are among the most irritating I've ever seen.
  • Minimising all windows, reaching the desktop and hitting F5 repeatedly doesn't get me any closer to meeting deadlines.
  • Gawar phali (cluster beans), with it's wild aroma and flavour, tastes better than French beans.
  • The older you get, you more you crave for your school days.
  • Gunda is the best movie ever made in the history of mankind. It's actually better than Godfather, Forrest Gump and Pather Panchali put together.
  • T20 remains my second-favourite sport, but I'm not sure for how long.
  • adidas has definitely sponsored Bumm Bumm Bole.
  • A re-watch of the India vs Australia 2000-01 series still gives me goosebumps.
  • Parle Marie is an obscene name for a brand. If you're not Bengali, don't bother about the explanation.
  • Chitrangada Singh looks fabulous in a sando genji.
Even the dumbest of readers must have realised that I was simply looking for an excuse to publish an image to prove the last point, which, as you have all been expecting, is here.


  1. kobe korli ei realisations gulo? ek shathe ato realisations, give me a break yaar!

  2. orange over mango? really? or is there some deep dark significance i am not getting?

  3. I figured out the Chitrangada Singh bit....... I kind of know why you now prefer oranges to mangoes.. But what I fail to understand is why on earth would you watch movies like Gunda & Bumm Bumm Bole???

  4. i'm glad you like "Gunda". not many appreciate the genius of Kanti Shah! did you watch "Loha"?

  5. Back in university a friend once told me...."gunda should be awarded Nobel prize...." *note* it-- says Nobel not Oscar :D

    Well as you really liked suggesting few more to you....Loha,Billa No. 786, Cheetah, Chandaal and Hitler..give them a try!!! :P

    P.S. NO I hvnt watched them...but I know ppl who have :)

  6. start writing on Biology..pls pls pls.. cnt wait :P