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Thursday, May 13, 2010

During those days when everything was colourful, Rajiv Gandhi was our prime minister, Gavaskar still batted for India and they still used to sell Campa Cola and Gold Spot, I was intrigued by a simple fact. If my fly was left open accidentally, my observant well-wishers and ever-annoying leg-pullers comment that my post office is open. I was forced to ask them and myself: why a post office? I mean, what had the postal system to do with trouser zippers? Of course, I'm yet to receive an answer that's even remotely convincing.

For a long time I used to think that this was a Bengali concept. Then I saw Anupam Kher utter the same phrase to indicate his younger son's (played by an obscure Addi) open zipper in Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Mara. All this has led me to wonder whether this inexplicable conspiracy against the postal department has the slightest chance of being an international one.


  1. are ei trem ta anek use korechi and sunechi but origin ta sotyi jani na!!

  2. very good question... aj obdhi kono uttor paini... kake jigyesh korle pabo, tao janina... :)

  3. "Post office open" is like an alert pop up for the absent minded people.
    Just think the importance of Post Office when it was open those days. You can't email, you can't courier, bank will give you lower interest rate on savings/recurring ac. I remember local call was cheapest from our Netaji nagar post office compared to PCO. The long queue for monthly pension scheme ...

  4. ami/amra post box jantam...sekhane chithi felbar chesta o kortam....seta besi hoto jakhon primary school e botam lagano portam. but sotyi karon ta janina keno lokjon or modhye 'Dak' er gondho peto :)