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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The question man

At some point of time in my rather spotty career I had come across a peculiar chapter in English grammar: WH-questions - who, why, when, where, which. The objective was to frame questions using these words (though how contains both W and Y, it was not considered a WH-questionable word for whatever reason).

Coming back to my point, there was only one man who came across my mind when we were being taught WH-questions. Only one person I knew had asked so many questions:
  • Kitne aadmi the? (a basic count from Kaalia, triggering off possibly the most famous scene in the history of the industry)
  • Kya samajhkar aaye the? Ke sardaar bahaut khush hoga? Sabaasi dega, kiyun? (a confirmation from Kaalia and his mates regarding their idea about his own take on cowardice)
  • Kitna inaam rakha hai sarkaar hum par? (querying You-Know-Who with the single intention of triggering off the a description lullaby used by mothers all around in a 50-kos radius)
  • Kitni goli hai iske andar? (just confirming how loaded a certain psyched goon's gun was)
  • Tera kya hoga Kaalia? (poor Kaalia)
  • Holi kab hai? Kab hai Holi? Kab? (sheer optimism, just in case someone in the gang actually knew the answer)
  • Aur agar iske badle mein mere aadmi agar tumse thoda sa anaaj, thoda sa saamaan lete hain, to kya koi jurm karte hain? (explaining justice to villagers)
  • Tum in donon ko bahaut soorma samajhte ho na? (trying to show who's who to villagers)
  • Tumne suna maine kya kaha? Suna? (just a routine check of Jai and Veeru's auditory abilities)
  • Yaad hai, Thakur, kya kahe the tum? "Ye haat nahin, phnasi ka fanda hai". (a pregnant repitition of Thakur's blabberings)
  • Ye Ramgarhwaale apni chhokriyonko kaunsa chakki ka peesa aata khilate hain re? (a query, possibly out of dissatisfaction from the rotis consumed the last night)
Note that all questions are aimed at his henchmen (and others), and these either really questions, or he knew the answers to most of them. Which leads me to the assumption that he asked them for the sake of asking them: he simply loved asking questions.