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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Badle ki Aag

A couple of days back, while not in the best of moods, I was watching TV idly, flipping through channels mindlessly at a leisurely rate. I got stuck the moment I saw Dharmendra on Zee Cinema. Dharmendra, dressed up in all black, with an enviable moustache that dangled no less than an inch on either side of his lips, and was strongly reminiscent of Sudhir's moustache. Zee Cinema told me that the movie was called Badle ki Aag.

At that moment I decided I had to watch the rest of this movie.

And how correct I was!

In stepped Reena Roy, clad in what the director definitely assumed to be a sexy outfit. I wasn't seduced, but my mouth curled into a smile. She was definitely a tawaif in the movie, and I seriously doubted how well her business went, given her dress sense. It was a full song, so I knew I could flip channels and come back in four minutes or so.

I had missed the end of the song in the process, and Dharmendra was back, this time with a very innocuous-looking gun, possibly a revolver, pointed at Kader Khan with a shaggy white beard. Apparently Dharmendra was a crook, but Kader Khan was even more crooked. Dharmendra's insides were burning from severe badle ki aag, but just as he was about to do something about it, in strode his mother, at the sight of whom I broke into a silent laughter.

Nirupa Roy.

Well, the scenario changed within a couple of minutes. It turned out that Kader Khan was actually Dharmendra's father, who had left them for a dark career years back (who can blame him, given that his wife was Nirupa Roy and his son was Dhamendra...?), was back, and Dharmendra would have to guzar past his mother's laash to kill her suhaag; she strolled sideways in front of Kader Khan.

Ah, end of the drama, I presumed. But NO!!

In walked Kader Khan (no, this isn't a typo). The audience got to know that they are twins, and the evil brother had locked up the saintly one for ages, also spotting a shaggy white mane. The new Kader Khan was our heroes father, and Dharmendra was furious with himself for making the error. He now forgot all about his gun, and set out bashing his uncle mercilessly with his own hands.

Who steps in now to stop Dharmendra from taking kanoon in his own hands? Of course, the police. Who is the police inspector? Hold your breath... Jeetendra!

At this moment I laughed out loud, even clapped, forgetting completely that I was in a foul mood.

Taking the advantage, Kader Khan tried to hold Nirupa Roy as a hostage and run away from the scene. But there was a bang, and Kader Khan had dropped dead. Reena Roy had come to the party. For whatever reason, Dharmendra was arrested.

Of course, he was released from the legendrary Central Jail in the end to be greeted by two people: a kid, who turned out to be Sunil Dutt's son, and, well, I know this is hard to believe, SMITA PATIL.

What else can you ask from a movie? My day was made. :)


  1. ki kore ei melodrama gulo dekhe je tor day made hoy ta tui i janish.tor ashesh khomota!

  2. pocha pocha jinish dekha bondho kor..

  3. tomar prochur sojhyo sokti.. bar bar setar proman diccho...